Introducing … The List Issue

Highlights from Philly Mag's brand-new issue. Plus: video of our slightly naughty (but still nice!) cover shoot

Yes, she’s wearing Post-It Notes. Nothing but Post-It Notes.

I’m referring, of course, to the cover model on the just-released December issue of Philly Mag. Post-It Note chic was the best way we could think of to celebrate our cover package this month—a mix of smarts, attitude and entertainment we’re calling The List Issue.

Why lists? And why now? Well, if ever there’s a season for lists, it’s December (see: Claus, Santa). More important, there’s just something irresistible about reading lists. Which is why our editorial team, led by executive editor Michael Callahan, spent the month compiling list after list about Philadelphia, from the 10 most important social events of the year to our town’s best dressed people to 10 locals we’d most like to see un-dressed. We also got help from a few well-known Philadelphians, including football genius Ray Didinger (10 most beloved Philly athletes of all time) to food impresario Tony Luke (3 most disgusting things ever put on a cheesesteak) to attorney Michael Coard (the 4 most annoying white people … and the 3 most annoying black people).

As for our cover model: She was photographed by regular Philly Mag contributor Chris Crisman, whose team shot this video of our cover shoot. Take a look: it will give you a new-found appreciation for office products.