Ed Rendell’s Book Launch Party

Our former mayor/guv celebrates his A Nation of Wusses at Xfinity Live.

Last night at Xfinity Live, Ed Rendell celebrated the launch of A Nation of Wusses, in which the former Philadelphia mayor/Pennsylvania governor shares his current assessment of the nation (yes, he still thinks we’re wusses). Guests got signed copies of the book, due out June 4th, and when he thanked the crowd for coming, Rendell acknowledged the VIP makeup of the party with “this is the crowd that made me in politics.” Read the excerpt of A Nation of Wusses that appears in the June issue of Philadelphia magazine here.

David L. Cohen, Ed Rendell, Kathleen Sullivan, and Joseph S. Martz.

Tom Rumbaugh, Marita Crawford, John Dougherty, Chris Rupe, and Alan Kessler.

Susan Rafetto, Billy Schau, and Sherika Thomas.

Richard and Diane Woosnam.

Fareed Ahmed, Kirstin Snow, Ed Rendell, Andre Duggin, and Charles Breslin.

Marita Crawford and Larry Cohen.

Charles and Nina Breslin, and Neena and Michael Petronglo.

Bob Borski and Johnny Dougherty.