HughE Dillon One-Shot: Radnor Hunt

The good and uninspired among the picnic award winners.

On Saturday, the Radnor Hunt Races celebrated its 82nd anniversary with the spring tradition of steeplechase, picnics, competition and stylish outfits—many topped with a hats. The theme for this year was “Islands Big and Small,” a concept that brought out tropical flowers, the Caribbean sounds of steel drums and platters of seafood. Prizes were handed out in the various categories for best hat, funniest tie, best tailgaters and best picnic, as determined by a panel of judges. In first place for group picnic: Eric Seestedt, whose group calls themselves the Ex-Pirates Society, did a fantastic job at recreating “Fantasy Island,” with cardboard wings and engines added to a sports car for the plane; Mr. Roarke and Tattoo were on hand to greet the guests. The best individual picnic was won by Melissa Hancock and Jonathan Schao, whose theme was “Nantucket.” Below: Bob and Sandy Seltzer of Chester Springs won the “undistinguished award” for the most uninspired picnic display. It wasn’t lost on the judges that the Seltzer’s served pizza and beer for their main meal. They received a black ribbon and black balloon. Their theme was the “Tacky Tourist Inn.” Check out PhillyChitChat for all my pics of the well-dressed crowd.