HughE Dillon One-Shot: NBC 10 Girls’ Night Out

An evening on the town (with a big box of chocolates)

Saturday night was alright as Alissa Ingram (exec producer at NBC 10), Jillian Mille (NBC 10 reporter), Christine Maddela (NBC 10 traffic reporter), Marisa Magnatta (of WMMR’s Preston and Steve), Erin Como (news planner for NBC10), Camille Cwienkala (director of operations, LNS), Jackie Rendeiro and Laura Elliot enjoyed a girls’ night out. First they had dinner at La Viola near Rittenhouse Square; for dessert the girls polished off a 32-piece box of Teuscher chocolates. I caught up with them at Ladder 15, which had a line running halfway down the street.