HughE Dillon One-Shot: PAWS Mutt Strut

Who doesn't love a dog in a costume?

Due to severe weather, the 5th Annual PAWS Mutt Strut (Halloween parade) was postponed until yesterday. The event, at FDR Park in South Philly, was super successful with temps in the upper 50s, trees in their full fall glory, and hundreds of dogs. Here, Dana Spain, founder of PAWS, announces the results of the costume contest. Winners included best celebrity look-alike, Katy Perry (see for that shot), plus the puppy Phillies Phanatic, and an ensemble of Harry Potter-inspired puppies. Helping out in the judging were Steve Morrison, of WMMR’s Preston and Steve, Matt Cord, and Pierre Robert. More than $113,000 was raised at the event, which also boasted several food vendor trucks, information booths and doggie-clothing stores.