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Three Quotes That Suggest Penn Alum Elon Musk Doesn’t Fully Understand Humans Yet

Penn alum Elon Musk has always seemed a bit out there — literally: The Tesla and SpaceX founder has long cast his eyes to the […]

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Pedestrian Killed in Car Crash Had Just Moved to Philadelphia This Month

Both the Inquirer and Daily News have more heartbreaking details of the pedestrian killed in a car crash at 30th and Walnut Streets Tuesday. The […]

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Wharton Picks New Dean From Australia

Big news out of Wharton: The school has picked Geoffrey Garrett as its new dean. The press release:

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Wharton Professor: Overhaul Tenure System

Wharton professor and Philadelphia Thinkfest speaker Adam Grant lands an op-ed in the New York Times Thursday on page A23, lamenting the current drawbacks of […]

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Penn Students Can Now Pay Money Not to Go to Class

Sometimes I worry that the best minds of my generation are hell-bent on spending the rest of their lives creating start-ups with little-to-no discernible societal […]

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Jeopardy Asks Easiest Question Ever About Penn

This was a Jeopardy answer on a recent episode. Category: Ivy League Schools. Value: $800. Question: What is s0 blindingly obvious for anyone who made […]

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Wharton Researcher Says Young People Uninterested in Parenthood

Wharton prof Stewart Friedman has a new book out, Baby Bust, New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family, in which he examines how fewer young […]

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Wharton Still Angsty Over Public Image Problems

The Daily Pennsylvanian today reports on Wharton’s continued pushback against the Wall Street Journal article suggesting the school is falling out of the top tier […]

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Wharton’s MBA Admissions Director Resigns

Remember this morning? Back then, the good folks at Penn’s Wharton School were telling us that everything is fine, just fine, thanks, despite a recent […]

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Wharton Says Everything Is Actually Fine, Thanks

Wharton, as you may imagine, isn’t thrilled with a recent Wall Street Journal story suggesting the famed business school is on the decline. The school […]

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Wall Street Journal to Wharton: You’re Doomed

The Wall Street Journal reports that Wharton applications are down twelve percent in the last four years. Meanwhile, students find Harvard and Stanford’s MBA programs increasingly desirable. […]

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Penn Alumni Rank High on Fortune 100 CEO List

The Daily Pennsylvanian reports: Penn has been ranked third in a list of universities with the highest numbers of Fortune 100 CEOs among their alumni, according […]

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Wharton Now Suing Everyone and Everything Called “Wharton”

Penn is suing a five-year-old Jersey firm called “Wharton Advisers Corp.” for selling “financial consulting services that are inferior to The University’s services sold under […]