Wharton Says Everything Is Actually Fine, Thanks

Penn's famed business school disputes a recent report of a downturn.

Wharton, as you may imagine, isn’t thrilled with a recent Wall Street Journal story suggesting the famed business school is on the decline. The school refutes the charges in today’s Daily Pennsylvanian.

The WSJ also cites Wharton’s reputation as a “training ground for Wall Street titans” as a reason for the decline in applications. Fewer people are interested in going to the financial industry due to the financial crisis and are instead looking into startups and technology industries.

“I do think there’s a tendency for recruiters and media to bucket schools into particular niches,” marketing professor Patti Williams said. “Finance has always been a part of Wharton’s image.”

Williams, who is a part of the committee to help shape Wharton’s brand, said that although “Wharton lives on the foundation of its great finance department,” the committee wants to emphasize, “it’s much more than that.”

Take that, Wall Street Journal!