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This Winter You’ll Be Able to Track PennDOT Snow Plows

If we ever get snow this winter — a big “if” — techies and good government types have a special treat waiting for them: They’ll […]


Supermarket, Shopping Center to Northeast Philly After $12.5 Million in Tax Credits

The Wissinoming neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia is getting a new $29 million shopping center that will include a ShopRite supermarket and space for retail stores and restaurants, […]

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A Modest Proposal to End State Budget Impasse: Fire Half the Pa. Legislature

I’ve got a solution to the ongoing budget crisis in Harrisburg — let’s tear down the General Assembly and start over again. Let’s abolish the […]

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Wolf Calls Republican Budget “Ridiculous” “Garbage.” Promises Line-Item Veto

Last week, in a pre-Christmas shocker, the state’s Senate — contrary to reports that they’d reached an agreement with Gov. Tom Wolf on his “framework” budget — reversed […]

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Pa. Waits for Wolf Budget Decision

Gov. Tom Wolf could decide today whether to end the state’s months-old budget impasse — or whether to extend it into the New Year, AP reports.

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Senate Approves “House Version” of State Budget

[UPDATE] In an 11th-hour move, the Pennsylvania Senate has passed a $30.3 billion dollar budget package with a 33-17 vote. The legislators had previously been in favor of a […]


“Winter Is Coming,” Gov. Tom Wolf Says on 60 Degree Day

Today is the first day of winter. Brr! Only, no. It‘s nearly 60 degrees in Philadelphia. The rest of the state is similar: It’s almost […]

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Wolf Says He’ll Veto “Stopgap” Budget

Gov. Tom Wolf told Pennsylvania lawmakers today he will veto any attempt to pass a “stopgap” budget, even though previous attempts to pass a full-year […]

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Gov: We Have the Votes for a Budget

We’ve said it before, and been fully justified in doing so: We won’t believe that a state budget deal has been achieved until Gov. Tom […]

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Now It’s House Republicans Blocking a Pa. Budget Deal

Maybe I was wrong. As the months dragged on without a state budget, I had increasingly come to believe that Gov. Tom Wolf was being […]

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Harrisburg Finally Has a Budget Deal

Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican legislative leaders say they have finally cut a tentative budget deal, reports NewsWorks’ Kevin McCorry. It includes a historic increase in education funding, which is a major […]

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Revealed: The Secret to Governor Wolf’s Family Stuffing Recipe!

So just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday, I got a link from Gov. Tom Wolf’s office with his family’s stuffing recipe. Stuffing is something […]

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Wolf, GOP Battle Over Refugees

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today: Harrisburg Republicans are unhappy with Gov. Tom Wolf’s welcome to Syrian refugees — but he’s […]

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In Refugee Crisis, Tom Wolf Reminds Us He Was the Right Choice

Well, good for Gov. Tom Wolf. It hasn’t been an easy rookie year for Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor. He’s been faced with a Republican-controlled legislature that […]

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Obama, Wolf Say Syrian Refugees Welcome

In the wake of deadly terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday, President Obama and Pa. Gov. Tom Wolf said today that the nation — and […]