The Spikol Chronicles


It’s About Time Birds Got a Little Respect

Several years ago, I heard a story on public radio that made me cry. This isn’t unusual, of course. Between The Moth and StoryCorps, Reveal […]


For Rape Victims, the #MeToo Movement Can Cut Both Ways

Not long ago, a friend of mine asked me what the best day of my life was. We were sitting on the banks of the […]


Separation Agreement: What It Means to Be Living Apart Together

Here’s how it usually goes: We’re sitting on the sofa, Brad and I, the dog somewhere between us, and I’m telling a story about something […]


The Other Part of Womanhood No One Told Me About

When I was in grade school, one of our hippie teachers told us the story of making soup out of his new baby’s placenta — […]


How I (Mostly) Found Peace in the Wilds of Philadelphia

It’s a beautiful day on the upper reaches of the Schuylkill River. The birds are singing, and sunlight streams through clusters of leafy trees that […]


I May Live in Pennsylvania, but I’m No Pennsylvanian

A few months ago, I was walking to the train station when a squirrel hopped onto a nearby metal fence and stared at me with […]


Love in the Time of Dog DNA Testing

This is my third Chihuahua. That’s what I used to say about my dog, Birdie, until this summer, when I got her DNA tested. That’s […]


Pope Francis and Me

My love affair with Catholicism started at age nine, when my family moved from Center City to Fairmount. Those years on 23rd Street were momentous. […]