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City Life

Here’s What Philly’s Congress Members Think About Trump’s Airstrikes on Syria

A number of local Congress members have weighed in on President Donald Trump’s decision to order a missile attack on Syria. In a speech last […]

City Life

Report: Philly Man’s Family Trapped in Syria, U.S. No Help

Madaya is a small town in war-torn Syria currently held by rebels, and conditions there are said to be “horrifying”. And now a Philadelphia man […]

Chris Christie

Conservatives Contemplating Chris Christie Comeback

George Will, the longtime conservative commentator for the Washington Post, wrote a column last night saying that, after the terrorist attacks in Paris, there’s only […]

Revel - Atlantic City casino hotel

Revel Owner Glenn Straub: House Syrian Refugees at Ex-Casino

The Syrian refugee crisis is a tragedy with no end in sight. And winter on its way, refugees will be facing new struggles in the […]


Will Syrian Refugees Settle in Philly?

Last week, the Obama administration announced that the United States will take in at least 10,000 refugees from Syria in the coming year. That figure pales in comparison to the […]

City Life

Syria Set to Give Up Chemical Weapons Locations

Following an announcement this morning that they would accept Russia’s proposal to put their chemical weapons under international control, Syrian officials are readying to provide […]

City Life

Bashar Assad Says to “Expect Every Action” In Response to Syria Intervention

In his appearance on The Charlie Rose Show tonight, Syrian President Bashar Assad warns the US and its supporters to “expect every action” in response […]

City Life

What Happened to the Barack Obama I Voted For (Twice)?

I voted for President Obama. Twice. It was the first election that ever made me feel that I’d actually won something. He was the first […]