Syria Set to Give Up Chemical Weapons Locations

Following an announcement this morning that they would accept Russia’s proposal to put their chemical weapons under international control, Syrian officials are readying to provide Russian diplomats with the locations of their caches.

Syria’s latest acquiescence comes just a day after Secretary of State John Kerry presented the idea as the country’s only option to avoid a military strike from the West. Additionally, Syrian officials said they would cease production of chemical weapons, and show their facilities to United Nations workers.

U.S. officials, meanwhile, say they worry Syria is simply buying time, though they did ease off of calling for a congressional thumbs-up on the use of force in Syria. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid puts the distrust best:

“The only reason Russia is seeking an alternative to military action is that President Obama has made it plain and clear that the United States will act if we must,” Reid said. “Our credible threat of force has made these diplomatic discussions with Syria possible. And the United States shouldn’t withdraw from the direction we are taking as a country.”

Some men, it seems, will always want to go to war. Chemical weapons or not. [CNN]