Snooki and Hubby to Star in Jersey Shore House-Flipping Show

She’s baaaaaack! Just when you thought the name “Snooki” was erased from our collective memories, the reality television star is returning to the small screen to […]

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Snooki to Officiate Gay Wedding

We’ve done our fair share of hating on Snooki, but it’s hard to poke fun at the gal when you hear stories like this: The Jersey […]


What Broadway Show Should Snooki Star In?

Everyone’s favorite famous-for-nothing reality TV star Snooki, of MTV’s Jersey Shore, recently took to her website to proclaim that she wants to head to Broadway. If only she […]


Lawsuit: Snooki is Peddling Bad Diet Pills

Courthouse News Service reports: “”Jersey Shore” alum Snooki joined up with recidivist snake-oil salesmen to peddle Zantrex diet pills that don’t work, a class action […]


Snooki Free to Film on Shore Again. Shore Weeps.

Just when we thought the Jersey Shore was on the road to recovery… A judge won’t stop the company that brought “Jersey Shore” to MTV […]


Heroic Town Bans Snooki From Shooting “Jersey Shore” Spinoff

Snooki and J-Woww are filming a Jersey Shore spinoff called Why Are You Still Watching Us? Snooki and J-Woww. They’re “living” in a Pelican Island […]


When Snooki Met Christie

This is reality television. After a Today show appearance in Seaside Heights in which his wife pretended he wasn’t running for president, Chris Christie finally met his biggest […]


Snooki Is Three Months Pregnant and Wants to Be “The Next Kourtney Kardashian”

Snooki’s Preggers (For Real)! It was previously reported that Snooki, of Jersey Shore “fame,” was pregnant. She denied it. Now, sources say that she is […]


Jersey Wine Shop Tells Snooki to Take a Hike

A Jersey wine shop has posted a sign to remind Snooki that she’s been banned from the property. The shop’s GM says that Snooki and […]


The Only Snooki Tweet You Need to Read in the Snooki/Chris Christie Media Feud

Snooki says she will never vote for Chris Christie. She articulated as much via Twitter last week and followed that up by offering an explanation […]


So, Snooki Isn’t Pregnant After All

Phew. That was a close one. I mean, pregnancy scares are no joking matter, but things are especially serious when a Jersey Shore cast member […]


Sounds Like Snooki Is Pregnant

That’s right, Snooki of Jersey Shore fame (to differentiate from all of the other Snookis you know) is preggers. Boyfriend Jionni LaValle is the father. […]


Team Snooki Boxing

Yes, that’s a real thing. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has started a boxing team that features Patrick “Pajo”, Eddie and Paul Hyland—three Irish brothers who are […]