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On the Market: Brand-New Three-Flat in Sharswood

As of now, those grand plans the Philadelphia Housing Authority announced for Sharswood have produced a spanking-new PHA headquarters and somewhere around 200 new units of […]


What You Can Rent for $1500 a Month in Philadelphia Right Now

According to the latest monthly rent data from Apartment List, $1,500 a month is well above the median monthly rent for two-bedroom apartments in Philadelphia. […]

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City Life

Time for a Protest: Ben Carson Is Coming to Philly on Tuesday

You might get the chance to see Ben Carson in Philly on Tuesday. The Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary will attend the ribbon-cutting celebration of Sharswood’s Vaux […]


Hard Hat Tour: The Pointe

Maybe other developers would prefer to work with one single parcel of land and build a passel of houses on it, but Delta Alliance CEO […]


Who’s Building Philly: Rahil Raza

“Workforce housing” is one of the buzzwords du jour in the local development lexicon. Elected officials and builders alike see it as key to shoring […]


The Top 5 Real Estate Stories of 2016

As we close the book on 2016, let’s take a look back at the year in real estate and development. What were the stories that […]

City Life

Can Philly Fix the Block It Razed, Then Shabbily Rebuilt, After MOVE Bombing?

There’s no historical marker at 6221 Osage Avenue to tell the casual passersby what happened here in 1985 — that the Philadelphia Police Department dropped […]


Sharswood Redevelopment Update: Two Steps Forward, One Sideways

The Philadelphia Housing Authority has some good news on the Sharswood redevelopment front. Then there’s some news that, while not exactly good, can’t be called […]


WATCH: The Blumberg Towers Demolition This Weekend

Video | Philadelphia Housing Authority Now that two of the three Norman Blumberg Apartments towers have returned to the dust from whence they rose, with […]


Sharswood Apartment Complex to Be Demolished This Saturday

It’s been said that the development of the Norman Blumberg Apartments in 1969 was the beginning of the decline of the Sharswood neighborhood in North […]


Why Philly’s Special Election Matters

In a special election on August 11th, a small sliver of voters will choose Philadelphia’s three newest representatives in the state House. The winners are virtually predetermined, […]

City Life

It’s Not too Late to Rescue Sharswood From PHA Eminent Domain Plan

“Plan, or be planned for.” This was the mantra community activists in Philadelphia’s Mantua neighborhood adopted in their efforts to regain control of the neighborhood’s […]

City Life

Council Committee OKs PHA Land Grab in Sharswood

At Tuesday’s Philadelphia City Council Rules Committee hearing, Philadelphia Housing Authority President and CEO Kelvin Jeremiah painted a picture of a Sharswood whose residents lived […]

City Life

Sharswood Residents Experiencing PHA Deja Vu

Longtime residents of Sharswood, a part of the city located just north of Girard College in North Philadelphia, can tell you exactly when their neighborhood started […]