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Sexual Harassment

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Stonewall Boots Player Who Sexually Harassed Female Teammate

The very gist of Philly LGBT athletics league Stonewall Sports is all about fun and games, but organizers drew a serious line in the sand […]

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Why Do Trolls Especially Hate Women?

If you’re a reasonably well-adjusted person, you probably don’t spend much time in the comments sections of local news stories — maybe not any time at […]


Zillow Is the Subject of a Disgusting Lawsuit

As ValleyWag reports, a former Inside Sales Consultant for Zillow, Rachel Kremer, has brought a lawsuit against the company with the following charges: sexual harassment, civil […]

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Philly Women Battle Sexual Harassment, Groping at Comic-Con

Cosplay and Comic-Con-culture are huge right now, and so is the issue of sexual harassment at the Comic-Cons and similar conventions around the country. That’s […]