Could Pennsylvania Schools Add a 13th Grade?

Governor Tom Corbett’s committee on postsecondary education studied the possibility of adding a 13th grade to Pennsylvania schools, The Patriot-News‘ Jan Murphy reports.


Census: Philadelphians Are Moving to Montgomery County

Despite the fact that the American Dream has changed, and no longer necessarily signifies the white picket fence and 2.5 children living in the ’burbs, […]

School District of Philadelphia

Here’s How You Will Know if Philly Schools Close Tomorrow

The Philadelphia School District will tell you if schools are closed when it’s good and ready. In the meantime, stop asking.  Announcements about schl closures/delays […]


Montco Lawmaker: Give Horse Racing Money to Schools

Montgomery County State Rep. Todd Stephens has a novel solution to the school funding problem: Take it from gamblers! Okay, that’s just his plan on […]


11 Ways to Improve Your Kid’s Public School

1. Fix something old. Greenfield Elementary mom Christina Stasiuk led an effort to overhaul the outdated library that included parent-volunteer redecorating; a remodel with “reading […]

Ways Parents Can Fix Schools

Four Philadelphia Schools That Work

Science Leadership Academy A partnership between the school district and the Franklin Institute, Center City’s SLA is proof that a strong outside collaborator can help […]


Philadelphia’s School Crisis: A City On The Brink

My family and I moved out of Philadelphia last year. We did so reluctantly, and with a crippling heaping of guilt. It wasn’t the crime, […]


Helen Gym: The Agitator

  Helen Gym advances, and Mayor Nutter inches warily back. She waves a thick stack of papers at him, each sheath a complaint lodged by […]