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Chris Christie
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Cruz’s Campaign Manager: Christie “Turned Over His Political Testicles”

New Jersey governor Chris Christie criticized Ted Cruz during a speech to delegates at the Republican National Convention this morning, at around the same time […]

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Report: Christie “Misspoke” About Trump Donating to Hurricane Sandy Relief

New Jersey governor Chris Christie told a heartwarming Trump story during the Republican National Convention yesterday. But it might not necessarily be true. According to […]

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Yes, Chris Christie Will Speak at the RNC

New Jersey governor Chris Christie will speak at the Republican National Convention tomorrow. Christie is a prime-time speaker set to present a speech on the day […]

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NATIONAL NEWS: A Transgender Bathroom Ad Causes Big Buzz

A national TV ad depicting transgender bathroom discrimination will premiere during the Republican National Convention. A new ad spotlighting the bathroom discrimination struggles faced by […]

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Remembering the 2000 Philadelphia RNC: Puppets, Police and The Rock

On July 12th, 2000, Philadelphia police engaged in a shootout with 30-year-old Thomas Jones. An Action News helicopter followed the ensuing police chase, and showed […]