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Vince Fumo’s Son Is Running for Office in Philly (and Producing a Play!)

Some South Philadelphia voters might see a familiar name on their primary ballots next month: Vincent Fumo. No, it’s not the once-unstoppable, once-incarcerated former state […]


What’s Pat Toomey Hiding From?

It’s early April, and Pat Toomey is hosting a town hall. Well, that’s not quite true. It’s a telephone town hall — a glorified conference […]


Why Is Bob Brady Still in Charge?

Bob Brady, the U.S. Congressman and boss of Philadelphia’s Democratic Party, is six-foot-one and has a massive barrel chest. His head and neck are also […]

Sunlit Philadelphia City Hall

OPINION: Black Politicians Are Going to Have to Earn My Vote From Now On

The most open forum in which to hear the unfiltered thoughts of black men in Philly is arguably the barbershop. No matter what our wealth, […]