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Why Philly’s Special Election Matters

In a special election on August 11th, a small sliver of voters will choose Philadelphia’s three newest representatives in the state House. The winners are virtually predetermined, […]


The Brief: What Will Happen to the Homeless During the Pope’s Visit?

1. Organizers say they are carefully considering the needs of homeless people as they make preparations for the Pope’s visit. The gist: On Monday, Mayor Michael Nutter got […]

City Life

It’s Not too Late to Rescue Sharswood From PHA Eminent Domain Plan

“Plan, or be planned for.” This was the mantra community activists in Philadelphia’s Mantua neighborhood adopted in their efforts to regain control of the neighborhood’s […]


Morning Headlines: Demolition of Queen Lane Apartments Coming Soon-ish

It’s been almost two years since the Philadelphia Housing Authority announced plans to demolish the long-vacant Queen Lane Apartments in West Philadelphia, and to replace […]

City Life

Ready to Buy a Property, Maybe Even a Home? PHA Is Selling. Cheap.

CBS 3 says that the Philadelphia Housing Authority is about to sell of up to 200 of its excess properties—the official announcement comes at 11 […]

City Life

Child Dies in West Philly High-Rise Fire

A 5-year-old and a 3-year-old were rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries after a fire broke out in a Philadelphia Housing Authority high-rise […]

City Life

Apparently, No One at PHA Has Seen Poltergeist

At 301 West Queen Lane, which intersects with Pulaski Avenue, a “Burial place for all … Negroes … and Mulattoes as they Die in any […]

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PHA Employees Lose Their Take-Home Car Privileges

Philadelphia Housing Authority employees must have missed curfew or something because the PHA is taking their keys away. At one point, more than 200 PHA […]

City Life

Mayor Nutter Might Get More Control Over Who Runs the PHA

On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will vote on a bill that—if passed—would give Mayor Nutter more control over who is named to the […]

City Life

PHA Director Lands Gig in Washington D.C.

Philadelphia Housing Authority Director Michael P. Kelly—who gave his two-weeks notice late last week—has already been assigned as the head the Washington, D.C. Department of […]

City Life

Philadelphia Housing Authority Director Michael Kelly Resigns

Philadelphia Housing Authority Director Michael P. Kelly submitted his two-weeks notice today. Kelly had been the head of New York City’s housing authority, but left […]