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How to Crip Walk Like Serena Williams

If you had to ask, “What is a Crip walk?” when you heard about the controversy over the little seconds-long dance that Serena Williams did […]

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Everything You Want to Know About Gabby Douglas, America’s New Favorite Olympian

Gabby Douglas—the 16-year-old gymnast who helped America earn team gold in London and brought home her own gold medal for the all-around individual competition—has won […]

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Stop Worshipping Ryan Lochte When You Should Be Idolizing American Runners

Hey, you! Yes, you, the one who can’t shut up about running when we’re at the bar. Stop lacing up your Brooks Glycerines and pay […]

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Just Call It “Girls’ Gymnastics” and Be Done With It

Every four years I try to remember not to be shocked, and every four years I end up yelling at the television, in part indignation […]

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Your iPhone Could Make You Forget Your Favorite Moments

Making fun of this summer’s Olympics opening ceremony has become as much of a tradition as the lighting of the torch. We’ve heard the jokes about […]

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Bring the Olympics to Philly!

I’m at the Olympics in London this week with my family. And you know what? I think we definitely need to bring this kind of […]

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Stop Hating NBC and Learn to Love the Olympics

I’m standing. Hopping up and down, even. I’m excited. I’m screaming at the TV. I’m watching field hockey. I can’t remember watching field hockey much […]

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Imagine if Your Kid Got Kicked Out of the Olympics

Like many of you, I’ve been watching the Olympics the past few days. This time around, however, I seem to have a focused interest on […]

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Debate Over Women’s Olympic Uniforms Gives You an Excuse to Look at Pictures of Olympic Athletes in Bikinis

At this year’s summer Olympics—the Opening Ceremonies are in, like, four hours, so you should probably get your act together—women playing beach volleyball will be […]

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The Olympics Are Here!

Friday nights are usually a TV wasteland, at least since we lost Urkel. But tonight is different: It’s the start of the Olympics! This year’s […]


Olympic Specials

Just in case you haven’t seen enough Olympics-themed everything in the past month we at Foobooz are delighted to bring you a round up of […]

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Meet the Gay Olympians

We profile a few of the top gay and lesbian athletes who will be competing in the Olympic Games in London (2012) this week.

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VIDEO: Should Olympic Athletes Have Sex Before Competing?

Timaree Schmit recently earned her PhD in human sexuality from Widener University, and runs a sexuality website (sexwithtimaree.com), as well as a podcast about sex. I […]

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Did Olympians Cause Grindr Crash?

Gay dating app Grindr crashed in London over the weekend at Olympic athletes began arriving for the 2012 London Games.

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It’s Really Not Surprising That Olympians Are Having Orgies

The hardest training and most skilled athletes in the world are coming together for more than two weeks of intense competition featuring rigorous tests of […]