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Christie in Nashville: Smacks Obama on Middle East Policy, Calls for Obamacare Repeal

Speaking to reporters Saturday at a conference of the National Governors Association in Nashville, Tennessee, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continued to talk like a man […]

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Mennonite-Owned Business Wins SCOTUS Birth Control Ruling

By now, you’ve probably heard that Hobby Lobby won its case challenging the ObamaCare mandate that private employers provide birth control to female employees who […]

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Philadelphia Archdiocese Sues Over Contraception Coverage

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is helping sue the federal government, saying the contraception mandate violates its freedom of conscience.

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Pat Toomey’s Wife *Did* Get Insurance Through Obamacare

For the past week, Pat Toomey’s been plastered all over whatever device you use to consume political bloviating, crowing about his wife’s failed attempt to […]

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Obamacare’s Awful Choice Between Contraception and Religious Freedom

Are you for religious freedom or for women’s access to birth control? Me, I’m for both, but it sure doesn’t look like we’ll be able […]

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Prepare Thyself: How to Civilly Discuss Obamacare at Thanksgiving Dinner

Maybe it’s your stoutly Republican Uncle Joe, who you’re sure is gonna ruin Thanksgiving dinner by railing about how the Affordable Care Act is turning […]

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The Clintons Were Right: Where Obamacare (Maybe) Went Wrong

Watching all the fuss and muss surrounding the launch of Obamacare these last few weeks, I’ve been struck by an unwelcome thought: Maybe the Clintons […]

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What Obama Said at David Cohen’s Last Night

Obama, as we notified you yesterday, spent an hour at David L. Cohen’s house in Mt. Airy headlining a fundraiser for senate candidates. The goal–to […]

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Did Healthcare.gov Just Tell Me to Screw Myself?

Curious as to how much I could save with the Affordable Care Act, I tried to sign on to www.healthcare.gov to start the application process. […]

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Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

I’m sick of “sorry.” A colossal string of clusterfucks over the past week triggered a litany of public apologies. As luck would have it, the […]

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President Obama on NSA Wiretapping: Incompetent or Unaware?

“Asleep at the wheel” is the idiom we use for a leader who is so inattentive at important moments that he or she is dangerous. […]

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Expert: Here’s Why Healthcare.gov Has Been a Disaster

On Tuesday, the Obama administration announced that it had tapped Jeffrey Zients – a Bain & Co. alum and incoming head of the National Economic […]

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Obamacare’s Tech Problems Can Be Solved

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for computer glitches. Yesterday morning, President Obama publicly apologized in the Rose Garden for the frozen screens and […]

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Why Millennials Should Opt Out of Obamacare

Sometime back in 2001, Denzel Washington brought his ’79 Monte Carlo to a dead stop in the middle of a bustling LA intersection to hold […]

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Democrats Screwed Themselves Using “Obamacare”

Question to Democrats: Whose bright idea was it for you to start using the term “Obamacare?” Oh, yeah, that’s right–it was the guy who created […]