What Obama Said at David Cohen’s Last Night

Jewish jokes! Obamacare jokes!

Obama, as we notified you yesterday, spent an hour at David L. Cohen’s house in Mt. Airy headlining a fundraiser for senate candidates. The goal–to raise a million bucks or so–was reportedly met. Here’s what Potus said when he got there, at 7:24 p.m., according to a White House transcript.

If David and Rhonda had just hosted one of my first fundraisers after I’d been elected to the United States Senate, that would have been enough.  Dayenu.  (Laughter.)  If they had been — just hosted one of my first presidential fundraisers — Dayenu.  (Laughter.)  I have been here so much — (laughter) — the only thing I haven’t done in this house is have Seder dinner.  (Laughter.)  But they have just been such great friends and I’m so grateful to them, and I really appreciate it.

Gentiles: Dayenu, roughly speaking, is an expression of gratitude that means ‘that would have been more than enough.’ He also stuck an Obamacare website yuk in there.

And particularly at a time when Washington is so polarized, if we do not have at minimum a Democratic Senate, it is very hard to see how we can make some of the advances that we need to make on work that is still undone.  And I’ve got three years left in this office.  In addition to fixing a website — (laughter) — I would — I want to make sure that we’re rebuilding our infrastructure all across the country.

According to the Daily News, about 65 attendees showed up, including Lehman Brothers heir and Obama fundraiser Peter Buttenweiser and US Airways executive Stephen Johnson. Obama also gave a shout-out to Mike Nutter: “You’ve got an outstanding mayor here in Philadelphia, Mr. Michael Nutter,” Obama told the crowd. “We’re very, very proud of him.”