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NBC 10

City Life

How Will NBC10 News Report on the Fattahs?

It was 12:49 p.m. and the big headline on CBS Philly’s website was “PA US Rep Chaka Fattah Indicted in Racketeering Case.” On the ABC […]

City Life

The Best and Worst of Last Night’s TV Weather Madness

“A monster storm spanning half the country” was how Fox 29 anchor Iain Page kicked off Wednesday night’s 10 o’clock news. It hadn’t yet begun […]

City Life

The Best and Worst of Local News Snow Coverage

“Be sure to warm up before shoveling. You can walk around, or march in place.” This was actual advice, delivered by Action News, on Monday […]


45 Best Philadelphia Local News Screenshots of 2014

Philadelphia has a lot of television news. Several local stations produce hours and hours of local television content every day. Sometimes — often! — Philadelphia local news […]

City Life

Lu Ann Cahn Tells Us Why She’s Leaving NBC 10

Emmy-winning journalist Lu Ann Cahn has been a fixture at NBC 10 since 1987, where she has been an investigative and special assignment reporter. But […]

City Life

Teens Urinate on ‘Entire’ Northern Liberties Houses, Have Really Long Sex

NBC 10’s Denise Nakano reported Tuesday night on spillover from the Radio 104.5 block party, held last Saturday at the Piazza. And I mean “spillover.” […]

City Life

Channel 6: Watch Us While You’re Also Watching Channel 10

TV stations know that when another network has what many view as must-see programming — like the Super Bowl or the Olympics — their ratings are going […]