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tiger king memes
City Life

Tiger King Memes Are My Coronavirus Self-Care

Note to readers: While this is an essay about memes, describing one is as cringey as botching a good joke — so I’ll keep that […]

City Life

We Will Turn You “Gay Outta Philly”

The idea came from our own Victor Fiorillo who, along with everyone else on the face of the planet, noticed the stream of “Straight Outta” memes […]


David Katz and Scott Schroeder Are Getting Together to Fry Some Chicken

Yeah, it’s been a little while since we last had a chance to get our hands on some of Meme’s famous fried chicken–you know, what […]

Things to Do

12 Best Memes That Came Out of Jay Z’s Fight With Solange

Unless you were under a pop culture rock yesterday, you most likely saw or heard about the now viral TMZ video of Beyonce’s sister, Solange […]


Meme Fried Chicken Pop-Up at American Sardine Bar

Tomorrow, Thursday, January 30th, Scott Schroeder and American Sardine Bar are once again playing host to David Katz and his Mémé fried chicken. The dish […]


Meme’s Fried Chicken to Make a Reappearance

David Katz and Scott Schroeder have been missing Meme’s fried chicken Thursdays. So on Thursday, May 2nd Katz and Schroeder are doing a fried chicken pop-up […]


Spotted: Letter to Neighbors at 2201 Spruce Street

  Dan Clark of Pub & Kitchen has hung the above letter in the window of the former Meme at 2201 Spruce Street. The letter […]


David Katz Going to New Jersey

Former Meme owner and chef David Katz will be heading to Tavro 13 in New Jersey with Terence Feury. Michael Klein says Katz will help with […]


Six Pack: Fish Tacos in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s taco scene is blossoming before our eyes (just ask the creepy Tacodelphia mascot, he’ll show you where they all are). But what if you […]


David Katz Closes Meme

Yesterday David Katz hosted a pork dinner with some of his chef friends including Jennifer Carroll, Monica Glass, Terence Feury, Michael Solomonov (Zahav), Peter Woolsey […]


Make Your Reservations Now for the 4th Annual Pork Dinner at Meme

Matt Hurst Photography July 30th marks the 4th annual Pork Dinner at Meme with a few changes. Instead of delivering the multi-chef party to two […]


David Katz Goes to the Poconos

Have no fear. Chef Katz isn’t closing Meme, packing up his clan and moving to the mountains. This weekend, he’s teaming up with Fork’s Terence […]


Cook’s April Schedule: A Sneak Preview

A new month means a new schedule of classes at Cook. As always, we have your sneak peek–this time two whole days before the class […]


Sneak Preview: January Schedule at Cook

24 hours from now, the new January class schedule at Cook will be posted for all the world to see. But just for you loyal […]


Fried Chicken *Night* at Meme

Fried Chicken Thursday Lunch David Katz has been satisfying Thursday lunchers with his fried chicken for two plus years. But Tuesday, November 22nd he’s offering […]