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tap water tax
City Life

New Jersey Lawmaker Wants the State to Tax Tap Water

A New Jersey lawmaker wants to tax tap water. State Senator Bob Smith, a Democrat from Middlesex County, has introduced a bill that could leave […]

City Life

Pennsylvania House Passes Cyber Bullying Legislation

This afternoon, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed legislation that would make cyber-bullying a crime in the Commonwealth. More from a press release I received from one […]

City Life

Philly Could Offer Incentives for LGBT Health Plans

For Councilman James Kenney, offering new health care protections for same-sex couples simply makes good financial sense. That’s why he’s introduced a bill that would […]

City Life

Will Best Buy Oppose Marriage Amendment?

Activists are pressuring Best Buy to oppose the anti-gay marriage amendment in Minnesota.

City Life

City Council: Yes to Partnership Rights

During a city council session last week, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown introduced a resolution in support of House Bill 1828 in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, […]

City Life

Maryland to OK Gay Marriage Today

Gov. George O’Malley says he will sign marriage equality into law in Maryland today, reports CNN, making it the eighth state to do so in […]

City Life

Face Off Over Marriage in Jersey

Recently, Evan Wolfson of the pro-gay Freedom to Marry debated Brian Brown of the anti-marriage equality group National Organization for Marriage (NOM) over a referendum that’s currently […]

City Life

Freedom for…Porn?

A quick click onto popular gay porn sites these days shows a lot (a lot) of barebacking (or gay male sex without condoms). But 30 […]