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jawn origin
City Life

Some Jawn Youse Might Not Know About Jawn

So every once in a while, Philly’s peculiar linguistics bubble up into the cultural conversation. It could be when Bryce Harper wears his “Clearwooder” t-shirt. […]

youse guys
City Life

Why Youse Guys Should Start Saying Y’all

Anytime I’m talking to someone new, the question inevitably arises: “Wait — where are you from?” My apparent outsider status is given away by one […]


In Wake of Protests at Other Ivy League Schools, Penn Drops “Faculty Master” Title

The heads of Penn’s dorms are no longer called “faculty masters.” Penn has changed the title to “faculty director.” The Daily Pennsylvanian reports it came […]

City Life

20 More Local Native American Place Names and What They Mean

Since you guys seemed to enjoy the first installment of our compendium of the meanings of Native American place names, we’re bringing you more. (Now […]

City Life

20 Local Native American Place Names and What They Mean

It’s Columbus Day, which means that arguments are raging over how and whether to celebrate his arrival. The controversy reminds us of one sure truth: […]

City Life

COMMENTARY: Why “That’s So Gay” Is Okay…Or Not

Language is powerful. There are a lot of factors as to what gives it power (love, lust, anger, hate), and we all interpret what we […]

Eagles fans in stands

Eagles Fans Have Some of the Best Grammar in the NFL

The Wall Street Journal has a fun story today tracking the grammar of NFL fans, or at least fans who comment on team websites. And […]

City Life

Was the Term “African American” Coined in Philadelphia?

To be honest, we thought the term “African American” was a relatively recent coinage, one of a million hyphenates to spring up in the post-Civil […]

City Life

Why Do Philadelphians Just Love to Play With the Word “Philadelphia”?

When I returned to Philadelphia in 2011 after a few years spent in D.C. and abroad, I couldn’t help but notice Philly’s borderline obsession with, […]

City Life

Now That Amy Schumer Can Say Pussy on Comedy Central …

There’s no elegant way to say this, so I’m going to let Jessi Klein do the honors. “We can say pussy now!” the head writer […]

City Life

Whoa, Kids! Stop Horsing Around With “Woah”!

So I keep seeing young people spell the word “whoa” as “woah.” And I can’t figure out why this is. It’s not like “wh” is […]

City Life

Main Line Drugpocalypse the Result of Ecstasy Vortex?

Place your bets now, sports fans. The smart money is on “vortex” for 2014. For what, you ask? Oh, only the most important award of […]

City Life

Is “Hon” the New “Ma’am”?

“How many do you have, hon?” the sales associate at the Express in Liberty Place asked me last week. The week before that, a young […]

City Life

Gay Slurs Used in More than 2.4 Million Tweets

Gay slurs are being used in more than 2.4 million tweets. A new project has been created to police homophobic social media at nohomophobes.com.

City Life

The Politics of the “F” Word

Someone posed a question on Facebook today about whether it’s ever okay to use the word “faggot.” Before you can even answer the question, you […]