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Jury Duty

City Life

Report: More Than One-Third of Philadelphians Skip Jury Duty

A new report released on Wednesday by Philadelphia’s First Judicial District states that in a given year, more than one-third of Philadelphians summoned for jury […]

12 Angry Men parody - 11 men with the Phanatic photoshopped in

The Phillie Phanatic Had Jury Duty Today

Is the Constitutional right to a fair trial abrogated when one of the jurors is the Phillie Phanatic? That’s the question I have after the […]


Philadelphia Man Gets Out of Jury Duty With Novel Name Trick

The Daily News has a story Thursday about the return of scofflaw court, which brings in the unlucky few who skipped jury duty and now […]

City Life

Jury Duty Is Hell

“It’s my third frigging time,” the man says to the court clerk; his bald head was turning red. “My neighbor hasn’t been called once, not […]

Things to Do

Madonna Uses Doctor’s Note To Get Out Of Jury Duty

Madonna’s newest album is rumored to be called #UnapologeticBitch, and that’s exactly what she was when she ducked out of jury duty earlier this week. […]


Philly to Crack Down on Skipping Jury Duty

Of the 596,121 residents of Philadelphia summoned to jury duty last year, 78,756 actually showed up. The 13.8 percent yield has pushed Judge John Herron […]


New Jersey Dog Summoned for Jury Duty

CBS 3’s Todd Quinones has this paw-raising report about a South Jersey dog that was summoned for jury duty. The Griner family of Bridgeton, N.J., […]