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Jawn Morgan

john morgan aka jawn morgan in a Phillies-themed billboard
City Life

What’s Next, Jawn Morgan? You As Jason Kelce? Gritty?

Check phillymag.com each morning Monday through Thursday for the latest edition of Philly Today. And if you have a news tip for our hardworking Philly […]

lawyer john morgan dressed as santa claus on one of his many jawn morgan billboards near Philadelphia
City Life

The Jawn Morgan Interview You’ve Been Waiting For

On Friday, as I was driving through Upper Darby, I saw it. Another Jawn Morgan billboard. But this wasn’t just another “Jawn Morgan” billboard. No, […]

jawn morgan joins the ranks of worst of philly winners, along with pete rose and the melrose diner
City Life

The Worst of Philly 2022: From Jawn Morgan to Pete Rose to Wawa Soft Pretzels

Now that we’ve given you enough time to properly digest the utterly extensive and unimpeachably awesome Best of Philly 2022, it’s time for a trip […]