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Kane Sting Controversy Isn’t Going Away

PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane tried to clear the boards Monday, holding a press conference in which she said that Philly Democratic lawmakers who had […]

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Kane Blasts Inky Story on Abandoned Sting

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Sunday blasted a long and detailed Philadelphia Inquirer story reporting she had abandoned a sting operation—started under her predecessor—that had […]

George Norcross III
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Newsroom Shaken by Norcross Campaign Solicitation

This is what inevitably comes of having a political boss as a newspaper owner, perhaps: The newsrooms of the Inquirer and Daily News are again […]

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Seamus McCaffery to Inquirer: Show Your Hand

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery is demanding the Philadelphia Inquirer show its evidence for stories that prompted an FBI investigation of him — even […]

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Joe McGinniss, Inky Columnist-Turned-Controversial Author, Dead at 71

The Daily News reports: “JOE McGINNISS, who went from controversial stints at the old Evening Bulletin and the Inquirer to best-sellerdom as a writer of blistering books, died yesterday […]

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Inky Mess: Karen Heller Vs. George Norcross’s Spokesman

Another week, another rumpus in the Inquirer newsroom. This time, it involves longtime Inky columnist Karen Heller and Daniel Fee, whose strategic communications firm, The […]

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Judge Orders to Reveal Commenter’s Identity

In a decision that might give the heebie jeebies to Philly’s worst online commenters—and glee in the hearts of all who despise them,which is pretty […]

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Seamus McCaffery Accuses Inky, Daily News of Libel

Law 360 (paywall) reports that Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery has announced plans to sue the Inquirer and Daily News for libel. The announcement […]

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Is Nancy Phillips Really the Bad Guy of the Inquirer Performance Review Flap?

At this point, there’s probably no journalist in Philadelphia you’d want to trade places with less than Nancy Phillips. Trouble just seems to follow her […]

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First-Ever Inquirer and Daily News Performance Reviews Rankle Newsroom

In many workplaces, job evaluations are part of the routine, a once-a-year cause for heartburn and/or celebration of another year of hard work completed. The […]

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Black & White and Dead All Over? The “Darth Vader of Journalism” Strikes Back

In the fall of 2007, I was asked to interview Norman Mailer at a Free Library book event. At the cocktail reception beforehand, I found […]

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While Owners Feud, Inky and Daily News Suffer

Morale is busted, advertisers uncertain, and Philadelphia’s newspapers are edging closer to another bankruptcy, lawyers for the papers’ feuding owners said in documents filed with […]

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Can Philly Newspapers Be Saved?
Should the Daily News Close?
Is There a Hero in the Ownership Battle?

Writer Steve Volk is a longtime observer of the Philadelphia media scene — so he brings a substantial foundation to this month’s Philly Mag print […]

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The Fight for the Future of Philadelphia’s Newspapers

The meeting is lore, now: a story about a table for two that likely caused all South Jersey to wobble, ever so slightly, on its […]

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Newspaper Guild Jumps Into Inquirer / Daily News Ownership Fray

The Philadelphia Newspaper Guild, which represents more than 500 employees at the company, filed a petition to intervene today in their parent company’s ongoing ownership […]