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Bomb-Sniffing Dog Joins Security Force at Independence Mall

Philadelphia Business Journal reports: Philadelphia’s historic district has added a K-9 “ranger” as part of the security team. The German shepherd is trained in detecting […]

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It’s All About the Benjamin: Philly Featured Prominently on New $100 Bill

The upshot of the new $100 bill, besides the fact that it should be harder to counterfeit: Good old Philadelphia is center stage. Look closer […]

City Life

Watch a Bunch of Pot Smokers Commit a Federal Crime on Independence Mall

On Sunday, a large group of pot activists assembled on Independence Mall to give a middle-finger to an apparently apathetic U.S. federal government. A video […]

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Philly’s Feeling the Sequester Pinch: Liberty Bell Reducing Hours

At a protest that took place today on Independence Mall, City Paper caught up with three federal workers already feeling the automatic spending cuts that […]