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Gov: We Have the Votes for a Budget

We’ve said it before, and been fully justified in doing so: We won’t believe that a state budget deal has been achieved until Gov. Tom […]

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State Senator Wants to Privatize the PPA; Jim Kenney Disagrees

The Pennsylvania Senate’s top Republican wants to privatize the Philadelphia Parking Authority, saying the new arrangement would increase funding to the city’s public schools.

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Now It’s House Republicans Blocking a Pa. Budget Deal

Maybe I was wrong. As the months dragged on without a state budget, I had increasingly come to believe that Gov. Tom Wolf was being […]

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Harrisburg Finally Has a Budget Deal

Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican legislative leaders say they have finally cut a tentative budget deal, reports NewsWorks’ Kevin McCorry. It includes a historic increase in education funding, which is a major […]

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Don’t Let What Happened to Laquan McDonald Happen in Philadelphia

If you’re a Pennsylvanian who is angry about what happened in Chicago with Laquan McDonald, you should be furious with what legislators in Harrisburg are […]


Pa. Senate Moves Closer to Kane Removal; Kane Vows Porngate Crusade

A bipartisan committee has ruled the Pennsylvania Senate does have the power to remove Attorney General Kathleen Kane from office, and urged that body to move […]

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Pa. Senate Votes to Block Syrian Refugees

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a resolution today that calls for a ban on Syrian refugees in the state. This is a rebuke to Gov. Tom […]


City Council Members: “Porngate” Prosecutors Should Resign

Nine members of Philadelphia City Council signed a resolution calling for the resignation of three city prosecutors involved in the Porngate email scandal. The resolution […]


Pa. House Speaker Has ‘Boehner-Like Breakdown’ Over Medical Marijuana

A poll in June showed 87 percent of Pennsylvania registered voters support medical marijuana. So most of the state is OK with marijuana use if […]

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Wolf, GOP Battle Over Refugees

Good morning, Philadelphia. Here’s what you need to know today: Harrisburg Republicans are unhappy with Gov. Tom Wolf’s welcome to Syrian refugees — but he’s […]

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Tom Wolf Defends His Choices in Pennsylvania Budget Standoff

Tom Wolf wants you to know he’s not overly stubborn. He wants you to know he’s fighting for the right things. He wants you to […]


Dougherty, Dems Win Supreme Court Race

With two-thirds of districts reporting Tuesday night, it appeared that the three open seats on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court would each be captured by Democrats. […]

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Budget Standoff Threatens Elite Gala

Good morning, and happy National Deviled Egg Day. Here’s what you need to know today. The Pennsylvania Society — the annual New York gala where […]

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Legislation to Counter Union Tactics Goes to Gov. Tom Wolf for Signature

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed a bill this week that, if signed by Gov. Tom Wolf, will likely have an impact on organized labor […]

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Pa. Budget Woes Deepen; Senate Starts Vacation

We’ve all gone on vacation knowing we left a little bit of work undone. But the Pennsylvania Senate has us all beat: It’s starting a […]