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old city at night

Urbanist Websites Confuse Philly With Boston — and With Bristol, CT

Websites that write about cities should probably keep a keen eye on which city is which, especially when aggregating content or using copyrighted photographs. Let’s […]

City Life

On Spike Lee’s Gentrification Speech, or Why Won’t They Build a Fancy New Grocery Store in Mantua?

There has been considerable ink dedicated to chronicling the ongoing battle between culture and capital as Brooklyn becomes the epicenter of hipster chic.  Of all […]

paseo verde

Morning Headlines: Saffron Says New Templetown Housing Achieves the Impossible

In her latest column, Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron writes about the new North Philadelphia development Paseo Verde, calling it “a trifecta of socially responsible […]

City Life

Confessions of a Gentrifier

A few months ago, toward the end of the summer, I was walking my dog near my house in East Kensington when my neighbor Franky […]

City Life

Report: Chinatowns Still Disappearing

A report released two weeks ago confirms what people have been worrying about for a few years: That Chinatowns are a dying breed and that […]

Chart of Philadelphia region from opportunityindex.org
City Life

“Opportunity Index” Ranks Philly, ’Burbs for Social Mobility

In the decades since the term was first coined – in the preface of a 1931 book by historian James Truslow Adams – the notion […]

City Life

The Ori Feibush/Point Breeze Situation Just Got Incredibly Stupid

The latest in the case of Ori Feibush vs. The World is an accusation that OCF Realty’s Feibush fabricated violent, threatening, and grammatically poor text […]

City Life

“There Are No Urban Pioneers, Just Checkbooks With a Christopher Columbus Complex.”

A year ago, my best friend came into town for a conference and met me at my job for lunch. At the time, I was […]

City Life

Does Philadelphia Need Gentrification Relief?

We all know that Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods, and that the constant push-and-pull between forces that would preserve those neighborhoods and their identities […]

City Life

AVI: Also Screwing City Council Members

City Paper has compiled a handy chart documenting how each City Council member will get affected by the city’s Actual Value Initiative (provided the current […]

City Life

Where Philly’s “Creative Class” Lives

The mighty urban theorist and Atlantic Cities honcho Richard Florida has descended upon Philly to judge its creativeclassishness. The results: Philly has two substantial but […]

City Life

Note to Gentrifiers, Rich People, and Pretty Much Everyone: Your Taxes Are Going Up Under AVI

According to City Controller Alan Butkovitz, 343,191 properties will experience tax increases under the city’s proposed Actual Value Initiative (AVI) overhaul, compared to 107,603 which will […]