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ThinkFest Recap: The Gentrification Train “Has Not Left Station” — Yet

ThinkFest is streaming live all day. Watch ThinkFest here. Pulitzer Prize-winning architecture critic Inga Saffron has written about the city’s changing skyline for 16 years. Today, she says, […]

Le Bok Fin

The Death of Gentrification Guilt

A few months ago, developer Lindsey Scannapieco paid $1.75 million for a 340,000-square-foot property in South Philadelphia right around the corner from my apartment. For […]

City Life

Dear Le Bok Fin Haters: Quit Your Whining

Did you hear about the latest scourge of Philadelphia? No, it’s not the violence in the streets or the corruption and incompetence in public office […]


Philly’s Hottest New Bar Becomes Gentrification Battleground

For weeks, there has been a fierce debate on social media about Le Bok Fin. It’s a pop-up restaurant that serves French cuisine, offers a stunning, panoramic view of […]


The Battle for the Soul of Washington Avenue

Washington Avenue is not a Market Street or a Broad Street or even a Baltimore Avenue. The New York Times has never recommended, as it […]


Slowing Gentrification By Building Up

According to a recent story in Governing, the city of Miami might have found an interesting deterrent against gentrification: Height restrictions on development. Not the creation […]


“Newbold” or Just “South Philly”? How Race Shapes Our Definition of Neighborhoods

Back in 2013, this magazine named the community southwest of Center City the “hottest neighborhood” in Philly. We called it Graduate Hospital—rather than Southcentral or South […]

Septa regional rail train

SEPTA Key: Will Students Ride For “Free”?

SEPTA Key—the transit agency’s next-gen fare payment system—is still in its pilot stage, two years after the transition away from tokens and cash was supposed to […]


Insane Surge in Philadelphia Gentrification

[Update: Corrected to show that San Diego’s gentrification rate slightly outpaces Philadelphia’s.] If you listen to enough old codgers complain about the rise of gentrification […]


Zillow Confirms That Starbucks Fuels Your Morning–and Gentrification

Have you had your coffee this morning? If not, here’s a bit of information from a recent study conducted by Zillow that will certainly open your eyes: […]


Morning Headlines: Gentrification and How Cities Try to Help Displaced Residents

With gentrification in Philadelphia becoming a hot topic last month thanks to seven series pull-out section in the Daily News (as well as a recent […]


The Onion Covers West Philadelphia Gentrification

From The Onion: Despite modest increases in the west Philadelphia neighborhood’s property values over the past several years, residents of Walnut Hill told reporters Monday […]

daily news special section

Gentrification in Philadelphia

For those who think daily newspapers lack a purpose in a digitized world that threatens to make traditional media outlets obsolete, today’s coverage of gentrification […]

City Life

Councilman Proposes Extending Anti-Gentrification Tax Break

NewsWorks reports that Councilman Kenyatta Johnson is proposing to extend the LOOP program, a tax break for longtime owners of houses in areas of Philly […]

City Life

Can Philly Afford its Fight Against Gentrification?

One of the cruel things about gentrification is that it can be like wanting someone who doesn’t want you back. Those who face the impact […]