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City Life

If You Can’t Trust Snopes.com, Who Can You Trust?

I’m lost. I’m lost and confused and not sure where to turn. My foundation is no longer solid, and I don’t know where to find […]

City Life


I just saw my old best friend for the first time after a five-year hiatus in our relationship. The problem? We had a fight by […]

City Life

My eBay Identity Crisis

I’m not feeling like myself today. Well, actually eBay thinks I’m not myself and I’m easily influenced. Apparently I’ve just been a victim of identity […]

City Life

Who Do You Ignore on Facebook?

I believe I am a fairly blessed person. I have a happy and healthy family and some very good friends. The kind of friends I […]

City Life

Please Share This Post on Twitter

To tweet or not to tweet? Tell the Truthiness. TheAwl.com reported last week that the New York Times discourages its reporters from using “tweet” in […]

City Life

Corbett Shows His Independence with Twitter Subpoena

Why does it seem that every time a politician takes on corruption, his motives are called into question? We often hear that investigations of this […]