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company names
City Life

There’s Not a Company Name Cute Enough to Mask the Dark Side of Corporations

In 1963, when I was in second grade, I entered the classroom one day with my fellow students following our usual rousing session of morning […]

home renovation marriage issues
City Life

I Wanted New Wall-to-Wall Carpet. He Wanted a New Sidewalk. 25 Years Later, We Have Neither

Marriage is a mystery. The notion that anyone should ever be able to find another human being with whom to happily spend, oh, say, 40 […]

christmas cards
City Life

Hey, How About We Just Let Christmas Cards Die?

My dad retired from his job when he turned 60, which was way too young. I know it was too young because he spent the […]

philly dogs
City Life

Philly Used to Be a Cat Town. Now It’s Gone to the Dogs.

When I moved to this city fresh out of college in 1978, I brought with me my cat, Julio, who’d been living (illicitly) in my […]

millennials sleep with stuffed animals
City Life

Millennials! Get Over Your Blankies and Stuffed Animals and Grow Up Already!

I was leafing through my copy of Us Weekly the other day — hey, I’m trying to save a dying industry here — when I […]

City Life

Food Expiration Dates Are a Hoax and You’re Dumb to Believe Them

Not long ago, I was in what the kids at work call the “cafe” but I call the “lunchroom,” retrieving my yogurt from the refrigerator, […]

City Life

How Alexa Ruined My Marriage

My husband Doug and I were watching the halftime show of a nationally televised Sixers game when he squinted at the screen. “Who’s that on […]

City Life

Freaks and Geeks

Back in August, this magazine moved its offices from 19th and Market to the Curtis Center at 6th and Walnut, home for decades to the […]

City Life

Crankcase: Happily Never After

There was something oddly familiar about David Sills’s story. Oh, in many ways, his life is one-of-a-kind. Maybe you remember how he soared to fame […]

City Life

This Is How We Do It

A few summers back, my daughter Marcy and her brand-new husband Basil spent their honeymoon with our extended family in Ocean City, New Jersey, in […]

City Life

How Millennials Are Ruining the Workforce

As a boomer, I have a special interest in millennials. It’s the same sort of interest I have in car wrecks: I don’t want to […]

City Life

Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Levine, and the “Joys” of Womanhood

“It’s called a ‘lob,’” my daughter Marcy says a little shyly, turning to model 360 degrees of her new haircut. “For ‘long bob,’ you know?” […]

City Life

The Strings of My Heart

I was 12 years old when my big sister and my mom came to blows over Joni Mitchell. We were watching one of Mitchell’s first […]

City Life

How Work Became One Big Game

At some point in my 30s, probably while I was running a vacuum cleaner, it occurred to me that one can view the whole of […]

City Life

What Does My Kid’s Apartment Say About Me?

I’m standing in an aisle at HomeGoods, holding a spoon rest. It’s a pretty thing, bright orange, shaped like a sunflower, and it only costs […]