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Coaching Buzz: O’Brien, Shaw And Kelly

Here’s the latest coaching buzz around the NFL, focusing on candidates who could be plucked from the college ranks, such as Oregon’s Chip Kelly, Stanford’s David Shaw and Penn State’s Bill O’Brien.

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Foles-Kelly Connection

When the 2012 regular season wraps up roughly six weeks from now, the Eagles will have to make decisions at coach and quarterback – almost certainly in that order.

Chances are, we’ll have some idea by that time of what Nick Foles might be able to do in the league.

Meanwhile, at coach, Oregon’s Chip Kelly is a name already generating quite a bit of buzz.

So it’s at least worth noting that the pair have a bit of a history.

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Coaching Buzz: Kelly, Banner And More

In case you missed it, we’ve started a special Coaching Buzz section here at Birds 24/7.

You’ll find everything we write about Andy Reid’s expected departure and Jeffrey Lurie’s coaching search right there. That includes links, rumors and notes on potential candidates.

Yesterday, we shared some information on Oregon’s Chip Kelly. There’s an interesting debate among some very smart football people about whether he’ll be successful in the NFL.

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A Taste Of Chip Kelly

One name you’re going to hear mentioned quite a bit when the topic of NFL job openings is discussed in the coming months is Oregon’s Chip Kelly.

Kelly turned down a chance to coach the Bucs last offseason. But as we’ve documented in our special Coaching Buzz section, reports indicate that teams are going to go after him hard this time around, and odds seem pretty good that Kelly will make the leap.

As conversation around Philadelphia continues to center around who’s going to replace Andy Reid, it seems appropriate to bring you information on potential candidates from time to time.

So when we saw this clip from Kelly’s press conference earlier today, we thought we’d share it with you.

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Coaching Buzz: Reid, Holmgren and Kelly

Many believe that Andy Reid would find San Diego appealing should he be a free agent at the end of the year, given his ties to Southern California. Jason LaCanfora’s sources are in agreement.