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Blondell Reynolds Brown


Can Disneyland Help Clean Up “Filthadelphia”?

Ever since Disneyland opened 60 years ago, cleanliness has been a virtue. Walt Disney designed the park so that visitors have trash cans at every turn — you’re never more […]


The Brief: The 5 Council At-Large Candidates With the Best Signatures Game

A candidate has the opportunity to flex some muscle while collecting signatures for nominating petitions. You only need to gather 1,000 legit signatures to get on […]


Does Michael Nutter’s Property Tax Stand a Chance?

It’s never easy for a mayor to sell a tax hike. So the fact that Mayor Michael Nutter is asking City Council to raise property taxes by 9 […]

City Life

Philly, These Three Questions Could Be on Your May Ballot

The Philadelphia City Council passed legislation this week that would put three questions on the ballot in the May 19th primary. These are the pesky little queries that […]


How the Fight for Gay Rights Could Decide the City Council Race

Philadelphia is one of the most-gay friendly cities in the United States. It has strong LGBT advocacy groups, a strong LGBT tourism scene, and strong laws […]


Morning Headlines: Could Green Roofs Be Coming to a Business Near You?

A potential step toward that still out of reach “Greenest City in America” status has presented itself to Philadelphia in the form of a recently introduced bill that […]


Council At-Large Challengers Rival Incumbents in Cash Game

Fundraising in the Democratic Council at-large race | Create infographics Philadelphia will elect at least one new City Council at-large member this year. And unless hell […]


Jim Kenney Will Upend the City Council Race, Too

The Philadelphia mayor’s race has changed overnight because Councilman Jim Kenney is soon jumping into it. So, too, has the Democratic City Council at-large race. Philadelphians […]


Half of City Council Just Got Cybersquatted

Go to MarkSquilla.com, and you won’t find a word about the South Philadelphia Councilman bearing its name. JannieBlackwell.com, too, has nary a sentence about the longtime Councilwoman representing parts of West Philadelphia. […]


How to Improve City Council

Philadelphia’s City Council is about as popular as I was in high school. The legislative body’s approval rating stands at a sad 30 percent, according […]

City Life

Dancing With Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown

Time: 9 p.m. Day: Thursday. Location: 7165 Lounge. [Reynolds Brown pulls out a binder full of old photographs and a folder stuffed with press clips […]

City Life

Council Members Push for LGBT-Specific Hate-Crime Legislation in Philadelphia

In today’s City Council session council members Blondell Reynolds Brown and Jim Kenney will introduce a bill that seeks to “close a hate-crime loophole that currently […]

City Life

If Chaka Fattah Goes, Who Fills the Void?

The city’s political class is abuzz with talk of potential replacements for U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, who could be politically finished after his former chief of staff Gregory Naylor pled guilty to […]


Councilwoman Introduces Philadelphia Bike Share Legislation

Philadelphia City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown announced today she was introducing legislation authorizing the city’s bike share program planned to roll out next year.


Did Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown Really Think She Could Get Away With This?

Earlier this week, local blogger Christopher Sawyer published a solicitation letter from Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, in which she clearly attempts to drum up business […]