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Bike Share

City Life

Council Committee Authorizes Bike Share Bill; System to Start With 60 Stations in Spring 2015

Before a crowd of bicycle pin-clad enthusiasts, City Council’s Committee on Transportation and Public Utilities held a public hearing today on a bill authorizing our first ever […]


Councilwoman Introduces Philadelphia Bike Share Legislation

Philadelphia City Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown announced today she was introducing legislation authorizing the city’s bike share program planned to roll out next year.

City Life

Philly Searches for a Bike Share Sponsor

Next City has a story about the search for a sponsor for Philadelphia’s forthcoming bike share program – a story that starts with the fact […]


Bike Share Coming to Philadelphia — But Not Until Next Year

The city is poised to announce a bike share program at 2, according to a media advisory released by the city. Mayor Michael Nutter and […]

City Life

30th Street Station Getting New Bike Racks

A few weeks ago, Philly’s bike coalition drafted a petition asking Amtrak for better bike parking. (Due to rusty zombie bikes, minimal space, and ongoing […]

City Life

Three Reasons Bike Share Will Succeed in Philly

I am thrilled that Philadelphia is getting a bike share program. And I am terrified the city is going to screw it up. Let’s face […]

City Life

Mayor Nutter: Bike Share in Philly by Summer 2014

Just got a long press release from Mayor Nutter’s office (see below). Basically, the city’s ready to start a bike-sharing program of the type that’s […]

City Life

Video: Eccentric Dude Gives Spinning Lessons to Homeless People on Bike Share

One of the issues Philly’s eventual bike share program must grapple with is how to make it accessible to low-income people. Here’s an idea, out […]

City Life

Forget Bikeshare. Flying Bikes Are Here.

Czech inventors have unveiled the first functioning flying bicycle since the release of E.T. in 1982. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0ikBkKkU9F4 It only has enough battery power to fly […]

City Life

I Tried New York’s Bike Share

Over the weekend, I tested New York’s weeks-old CitiBike bike share program. An unhealthy amount of my time was spent idling at intersections, bashfully deflecting […]

City Life

Philly Bikeshare Won’t Be Docked on Sidewalks OR Streets

At a forum in Philly last week, a representative from D.C’s Capital Bikeshare described the phenomenon of being “dockblocked,” in which one shows up to […]

paris bike share

Will Philly Bike Share Cause NIMBY Nightmares?

It’s actually happening: Philly is getting a bike share program, the details of which were released yesterday. The city predicts it’ll be ready to go […]