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Barack Obama

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Second Term Be Damned, Obama’s Gotta Go For Broke

“Our generation is screwed,” said a twentysomething comic book artist I met last week. “So I’m going for broke.” Going for broke, for this comic […]

City Life

Federal Court Rules to Protect Racist’s Call for Obama’s Murder

On October 22, 2008, when Walter Bagdasarian of Southern California wrote on his Yahoo message board, “Obama fk the niggar, he will have a 50 […]

City Life

How Anti-Obama Republicans Will Bring On a Stock Market Crash

Harold Camping had it wrong. The world didn’t end on May 21st. But it will on August 2nd—at least America’s fiscal world will if the […]

City Life

Obama’s Live Address: Philly Represents

I am always on the lookout for Philadelphia references in national media. Season 5 of The Wire was a bonanza that way, which didn’t escape […]


The New Normal: Obama Administration To Reveal New Food Chart Tomorrow

Everyone with a mouth will recognize the above image. It is, of course, the official USDA “Improved American Food Guide Pyramid”–that charming graphic which, since […]

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Are You An Obama Hater?

President Obama, in case you didn’t notice, is talking immigration reform again. The Dude, admit it, is indefatigable. Just last week I went all dizzy […]

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Reelect Obama. Now.

“We don’t need to spike the football,” the President will say Sunday on 60 Minutes, speaking about his decision not to release a gruesome photo […]

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A Devoted Birther Will Never Give Up

I still have a problem with this “I was born in America” thing that Obama is trying to pull over on us. He was born—or […]

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The Return of the Real Barack Obama

Buoyancy, as a human attribute, is always in short supply. Think how few you know who possess it. In tough economic times, buoyancy is harder […]

City Life

Obama Distances Himself From Bush 43

There is a belief that presidential politics runs in a 20-year cycle. I have never given the theory much mind until I heard President Obama’s […]

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Can John Thune Run Against Obama?

John Thune. It’s a name you should know, at least for this week, because he may be our next president, or maybe not. But he […]

City Life

Does the Tea Party Exist Because Obama is Black?

On Election Day, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post was apparently so upset about the predicted midterm rebuke by the electorate of our first black […]

City Life

Barack Obama’s Opportunity of a Lifetime

They say timing is everything. And they are right. If not for perfect timing, and a near impossible confluence of events, Barack Obama would most […]

City Life

White House Story on Job Gate Isn’t Believable

Pop quiz: Which of the following is true: A) When the game was on the line, Donovan McNabb always came up big. B) Wall Street […]

City Life

Obama Keeps Mum on Alleged Sestak Job Offer

It wasn’t much of a story when it started. Joe Sestak was just a blip on the national political radar; the guy who was obstinately […]