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Zoo Putting Large Vicious Animals Right Near Your Head

Thanks to a $6 million grant from the William Penn Foundation, the Philadelphia Zoo is (among other things) going to let large, deadly felines roam […]

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Save for the Poo-Can Sabotage, Queen Village’s Dog Waste Cleanup Is a Success

In its first month of poop scooping, Queen Village is calling its efforts a success. Thought to have one of the highest concentrations of dog […]

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Shore Man Charged with Killing Endangered Shore Hawks

Look, just because the bald eagle is off the PA endangered species list, doesn’t mean it’s open season on rare, beautiful, migratory birds of prey […]

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At Large: A 7-Foot Boa in Swarthmore

Swarthmore police have warned you, Swarthmorians: A seven-foot boa is on the loose after it escaped its home on the 300 block of Park Avenue. […]


Bring Your Jodhpurs to the $14.5 Million El Brio Ranch in Brandywine Valley

Not having enough room for all your horses can be a drag. El Brio Ranch offers 12 stalls, a separate washing stall, a tack room […]

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Haverford College Now Paying Goats to Mow The Lawn

If any area college was going to hire goats instead of pesticides and weedwhackers, it was going to be Haverford, right? A Maryland-based service called […]


Green Eggs Midtown Village Reopening

Green Eggs Cafe just hosted a media day at their Midtown Village location to announce that the restaurant will be reopening tomorrow, May 29th. The […]


The Sidewalk at Green Eggs Cafe Is Currently Dug Up and New Pipes Await

After this week’s rat-astrophy at Center City’s Green Eggs Cafe, the popular bruncherie has been closed. Here’s a look at the work currently being done […]


Poll: Will You Eat At Green Eggs Cafe After Rats?

Last night, our infamous video of rats inside Center City’s Green Eggs Cafe made the rounds on the 6, 10, and 11 o’clock news, with […]