Save for the Poo-Can Sabotage, Queen Village’s Dog Waste Cleanup Is a Success

In its first month of poop scooping, Queen Village is calling its efforts a success.

Thought to have one of the highest concentrations of dog owners in Philadelphia, Queen Village residents decided last month that they had to do something about their poop problem. Since then, they’ve measured their effectiveness by the weight of the poop that residents drop off in seven feces-only receptacles, and the number of baggies taken from the dog poo bag dispensers they also installed.

Neighborhood residents appear happy with the changes, though there is one problem: non-poo in the poo-only cans. Queen Village Neighbors Association member Honey Pertnoy, however, says it’s a problem they’re addressing:

“We’re designing a special lid where the only thing that you can put in the can is dog waste,” she says.

Take that, would-be poo-can saboteurs. Otherwise, we’ll need to make a new law—and everyone knows #poopisntworthprison. [CBS]