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Andy Reid

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Reid: Geno Smith In Play For No. 1 Pick

PHOENIX — When the Chiefs traded for  Alex Smith, the conversation about Geno Smith being taken  with the No. 1 pick in this April’s draft was shut down.

Andy Reid opened it back up on Tuesday at the AFC coaches breakfast.

“That doesn’t mean Geno is out of the water,” said Reid, surrounded by a group of Philadelphia reporters during the second day of the owners meetings. “I’m going to keep my eyes open on everybody. I think Geno is a good quarterback. We’ll just see how it all goes, get this workout thing going.”

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At Long Last: A Philadelphia Eagles Bridal Garter Set

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but it’s never too late to surprise the man in your life with Philadelphia Eagles bridal garter set! […]

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Get Yer New Andy Reid Chiefs T-Shirt…in South Philly?

Miss Andy Reid, but happy that he’s not coaching the Eagles? Then grab one of these, for 20 bucks. Big Charlie’s–in case you’re wondering why […]

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Chickie’s and Pete’s Following Andy Reid to Kansas City

Chiefs coach Andy Reid misses Philly cuisine so much, he’s apparently requested Chickie’s and Pete’s install a branch right in his new backyard, in Kansas […]

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Report: Chiefs, Eagles Talk Foles Trade

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.The Chiefs and Eagles discussed a potential Nick Foles trade earlier this week at the NFL Combine, according to Mike Garafolo of USA Today.

Per the report, the Eagles told Kansas City what they’ve said publicly: That Foles is going to compete with Michael Vick for the starting job, and that he is not currently on the market.

The report is notable though because it reiterates the idea that Andy Reid is definitely interested in acquiring his former quarterback.

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Key Questions Surround Potential Foles Trade

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.While the NFL Combine is technically a draft event, it’s also another meeting of the different arms of the league: coaches, GMs, scouts, reporters and agents.

So you can expect to hear some some non-draft related buzz in the coming days. And that buzz could very well include Nick Foles‘ future.

We last talked about Foles when a USA Today report suggested that Andy Reid and the Chiefs would be interested in acquiring him. Soon thereafter, reports surfaced that the Eagles had no plans to trade Foles.

Ahh, the games teams play in February.

To get a firmer grasp on the potential of Foles being dealt, let’s answer some key questions.

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Report: Andy Reid Wants Nick Foles All to Himself

Now that Michael Vick is back for good, and Chip Kelly product Dennis Dixon has been signed too, presumptive Eagles starting QB Nick Foles may […]

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Eagles Wake-Up Call: The Importance Of the Billy Davis Hire

The void Jim Johnson left when he passed away back in July of 2009 has not yet been filled.  The Eagles went  through three defensive coordinators in the last four seasons, and they all fell short. It is one of the biggest reasons why Andy Reid is now coaching the Chiefs.

The importance of assistant coaches can be lost to a degree when so much focus is on the head man. Chip Kelly is the story, he is the draw. He is also nothing if his staff can’t pull its weight.

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Reid Still Haunting Eagles; Andy’s Old Pal Tapped to Lead Birds’ Offense

Andy Reid just won’t go away. Just as the Eagles were breaking free from a good relationship gone stale, new head coach Chip Kelly has […]

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How Gruden, Reid Helped the Eagles Land Kelly

Chip Kelly had been speaking for fewer than three minutes when he brought up a familiar, albeit surprising, name: Andy Reid.

“One person that I really want to thank in terms of advice with this whole thing was Andy Reid,” Kelly said, sitting next to Jeffrey Lurie in the Novacare auditorium Thursday afternoon. “And the fact that Andy reached out to me and told me about his experience here just told me what this organization is all about. There’s not a classier guy. When Andy texted me yesterday when I accepted the job, I told him I had really, really, really big shoes to fill, and in typical Andy fashion, he said, ‘Just be yourself and you’ll be fine.’ So I want to just publicly thank Andy, because that really right there spoke to me about what this organization is all about.”

But Reid wasn’t the only person who Kelly talked to during the last couple weeks.

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Chip Kelly “Thin-Skinned” When Criticized By Media

According to a sports reporter in Oregon, brand new Eagles coach Chip Kelly is “very sharp,” “quick on his feet,” and “he will say something […]

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It’s Finally Over! Eagles Hire Chip Kelly

Nearly two weeks after first courting Oregon coach Chip Kelly (and after nearly two weeks of thinking Chip Kelly had rejected the Eagles), Lurie and […]

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What They’re Saying About the Eagles

From draft buzz to what Andy Reid learned in Philly, here’s the roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles this week.

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Ten Observations: An Eagles Slant To the Playoffs

Like many of you, I spent 12-plus hours in front of the TV this weekend, watching what turned out to be a great divisional round.

Here are 10 observations from the four games, many of which have an Eagles slant.

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“Drunk with Power,” Howie Roseman Is Dooming Eagles Coaching Search

CBS football reporter Jason La Canfora is mostly flabbergasted by the Eagles aimless quest for a head coach, which has them “chasing every hot college […]