“Drunk with Power,” Howie Roseman Is Dooming Eagles Coaching Search

CBS football reporter Jason La Canfora is mostly flabbergasted by the Eagles aimless quest for a head coach, which has them “chasing every hot college coach, scrambling to the media to confirm some coaching interviews, obscure others; releasing skewed information about your whereabouts and resorting to day-late spin tactics after being repeatedly left at the altar.” But he does have one theory for why the Birds haven’t been able to land an HC, after knowing for months Andy Reid wouldn’t be back.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone told me one esteemed coach or another advised one of the Eagles’ top candidates not to take the job precisely because of [Eagles GM Howie] Roseman’s presence there. Roseman isn’t the general manager they should tie their wagon to. It’s clear Chip Kelly wasn’t leaving Oregon for anywhere unless he had a large measure of control over the organization, and owner Jeffrey Lurie has already entrusted that to Roseman. There has been trepidation by some candidates to go all-in given the questions about this existing power structure.

And there’s more:

The rumblings about Roseman lacking nuance and foresight, about him turning people off with how drunk with power he’s become, only grow louder as his coaching search grows stranger.

Be wary of journalists bearing anonymous sources, especially coming from those in a losing, frustrated organization. But at least this is an explanation, which is more than Brian Billick (the Birds latest head coaching candidate) could offer yesterday on Fox, as he bumbled incoherently through the Seahawks-Falcons broadcast. [CBS Sports]