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Andrew Stober

City Life

There’s a Way to Get Republicans Out of City Hall Once and for All

In the past year, I’ve become less and less impressed with both major political parties. I was never a Republican: I’m too black, too gay, and […]


How To Win Elections Without the Democratic Machine

(Editor’s Note: This is an op-ed from Andrew Stober, an independent candidate in the 2015 general election.) This year, I ran for City Council at-large as […]


Philly’s Political Elders Lament the Lack of Millennials Running for Office

Mayor Michael Nutter is in that glorious final phase of his tenure where he’s calling things exactly as he sees them. With seven weeks left […]


The GOP City Council At-Large Race Is Too Close To Call

The most fascinating race in Philadelphia’s municipal election is too close to call. With almost 98 percent of voting precincts posting their results, Republican Councilman David Oh and GOP challenger Al […]


The Challengers: Indy Andrew Stober Isn’t Raging Against the Machine, He’s End-Running It

This week, Citified is featuring Q&As with leading at-large City Council candidates running for the two slots reserved for minority parties and independents. Andrew Stober is an […]


Is Ed Rendell Trolling Philly’s Democratic Machine?

Former Gov. Ed Rendell is up to something. He’s one of the most popular Democrats in the city, and yet he keeps throwing his weight behind candidates […]


Independent Council Candidate Andrew Stober Endorsed by Nutter and Rendell

Independent at-large City Council candidate Andrew Stober’s unprecedented campaign got a big — if expected – boost today, in the form of endorsements from Mayor Michael […]


The One Race to Watch in November’s Philly Election

Most of the municipal races this year are like the Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner cartoons: fun to watch, but we all know how they’re […]


David Oh Fights for His Political Life

It’s been a bad year for politicians in Pennsylvania, especially those with a “D” next to their names: Kathleen Kane, Chaka Fattah, Rob McCord. The list goes on and on. On Monday, Republican Councilman David Oh reminded the public that […]


Could This Guy Spark an Independent Revolution in Philly?

Could Andrew Stober make political independents a real force in Philadelphia, as opposed to the non-factor they are now? Stober is a 36-year policy geek who most recently worked […]