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Allyson Schwartz

City Life

Is Pa. Not Ready for a Female Governor? Or Just Not Ready for Allyson Schwartz?

Is Montgomery County Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz bitter after getting trounced in the Democratic gubernatorial primary? NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd thinks so. On […]

City Life

7 Ridiculous Political Ads From the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

Election Day is almost here! Tuesday is Pennsylvania primary day, so politicians will be ceding television commercial breaks back to their usual occupants (ads for […]

City Life

MC Hammer Explains Tom Wolf’s Giant Poll Lead

We’re now at the stage of things where the only appropriate thing to do is jokingly reference M.C. Hammer album titles. Because the latest poll […]

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WATCH: Anti-Fracking Protesters Interrupt Pennsylvania Democratic Governor’s Debate at Drexel

About halfway into last night’s Pennsylvania Democratic gubernatorial primary debate at Drexel University, a protester jumped on stage to criticize the four candidates — Rob McCord, […]

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Surprising Winners and Losers in the Pennsylvania Governor’s Race So Far

As things stand now, the race for Pennsylvania governor this fall should be extremely anti-climatic, a foregone conclusion as predictable as the 76ers missing the […]

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Tom Wolf’s Record on Racial Politics Is Clear

Let’s get real. If Treasurer Rob McCord were actually interested in initiating a serious discussion about racism in Pennsylvania, he probably would have chosen a […]

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Three Things We Learned from Politico’s Profile of Allyson Schwartz

Three things we learned from this Politico piece about Allyson Schwartz: • She thinks Pennsylvania is ready for a woman to serve as governor: Meanwhile, […]

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Tom Wolf Will Be the Democratic Nominee. Here’s Why.

The increasingly shrill tenor of the Allyson Schwartz and Rob McCord campaigns’ hits on Tom Wolf heading into the last two and a half weeks […]

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Wolf Campaign Fires Staffer After Plagiarism Complaints

The Tom Wolf for governor campaign hit a bump last night as it admitted that several passages in a policy document were lifted wholesale from […]

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Want to Be Governor of Pennsylvania? Steal This Idea from Alaska.

Hey Allyson Schwartz, if you want to break through and guarantee that you win the Democratic nomination to run for governor, have I got an […]


Allyson Schwartz Questions Tom Wolf Loan

Tom Wolf, the Democratic candidate for governor who apparently wants to move Pennsylvania to a kitchen cabinet-based economy, released details yesterday on a loan he […]

City Life

Allyson Schwartz Airs First TV Ad

Given that Tom Wolf has been blanketing the airwaves for weeks with his ads — building a considerable lead in the polls for the Democratic […]

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Meet Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, the Deep-Pocketed Dark Horse Candidate for PA-13

Meet your PA-13… frontrunner? In terms of political experience (none) and name recognition (scant), Dr. Valerie Arkoosh is the dark horse in the race for […]

City Life

Allyson Schwartz: Here’s 6.5 Million Reasons to Back Me

Following York County businessman Tom Wolf’s flash of the $2.9 million he’s raised so far for May’s gubernatorial primary, U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz’s campaign has […]

City Life

Who Doesn’t Like Allyson Schwartz?

In the end—my last moment with Allyson Schwartz, sitting in her office in Washington—she is about to cry. “You’re getting a little emotional, Congresswoman,” I […]