MC Hammer Explains Tom Wolf’s Giant Poll Lead

Please, Tom Wolf, don't hurt 'em!

We’re now at the stage of things where the only appropriate thing to do is jokingly reference M.C. Hammer album titles. Because the latest poll centered on next Tuesday’s  Democratic primary election shows that frontrunner Tom Wolf is, uh, still running up front: Harper Polling says he commands the support of 50 percent of likely voters.

The other candidates … can’t touch this.

In second place? “Not sure,” which describes the attitude of 16 percent of those voters. Statistically, that’s a dead heat with Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and State Treasurer Rob McCord, who each register at 15 percent in the poll. Here’s the thing: If either candidate had all the other candidate’s voters — according to this poll — they’d still be 20 points behind Wolf.

Guess they’ll have to pray.

Which leaves Katie McGinty, who is a real sharp person and politician, but never found her traction. Harper Polling puts her at 4 percent. Hammer?

Of course, Wolf’s rivals are hoping some quirk of turnout will prove these polls wildly, disastrously wrong, and who knows? Wolf at this point should understand the importance of making sure his supporters actually go and vote. His campaign’s mission? Turn this mutha out.

UPDATE: Franklin & Marshall give Wolf a mere 19-point lead. We feel no need to revise the Hammer jokes.