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Naturally, There Were More Bible Problems in Philadelphia on Election Day

A heck of a lot of people voted in Philadelphia on Election Day, with the city reporting that it was the highest turnout for a […]

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City Tells Poll Workers to Keep Bibles Out of Sight on Election Day

In May, we told you about a controversy that had developed on Primary Day after some voters noticed that bibles were on display in their […]


Voters Complain About “Intimidating” Bibles at Philly Polling Places

When Jess Conda walked into her polling place inside a community center at 12th and Wharton streets on Tuesday, the South Philadelphia resident says she […]


City Commish: Nearly 100 Non-U.S. Citizens Voted in Philly

Republican City Commissioner Al Schmidt released a report on Wednesday claiming that hundreds of non-U.S. citizens have registered to vote in Philly, largely through the Pennsylvania […]


In Philly, Independents and Third-Party Voters Now Outnumber Republicans

For apparently the first time in Philadelphia’s history, there are more registered independents and third-party voters in the city than Republicans. That’s according to the City […]