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Affordable Housing


Who’s Building Philly: Rahil Raza

“Workforce housing” is one of the buzzwords du jour in the local development lexicon. Elected officials and builders alike see it as key to shoring […]


High-End Rental Boom Moves to the Suburbs

Apartments in downtown Phoenixville for $1,300 to $3,000 a month? Who knew? Just as they have in the city, the Millennials are touching off a […]


The Top 5 Real Estate Stories of 2016

As we close the book on 2016, let’s take a look back at the year in real estate and development. What were the stories that […]


Affordable Apartments Getting Scarcer in Philly, Fed Says

Studies conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia have shown that gentrification produces benefits for those lower-income residents who do manage to remain in […]


How Passive Houses Yield Aggressive Savings

How do you keep warm in your home in the winter? Do you crank the thermostat in the hall up past 78 so you can […]


Study Shows Philly’s Having a Hard Time Keeping New Arrivals Here

Depending on the time frame you choose, Philadelphia either just barely misses or just barely makes another top 10 list. And while this list puts […]


Homes Got More Affordable in Philly Last Quarter

House prices in the Philadelphia market continued to climb in the third quarter of 2016, which is good news for homeowners wishing to sell. But […]


Philly Slips A Notch on the Affordability Scale

The good news: you can still afford to buy a home in Philadelphia if you’re a middle-income earner. The bad news: It got just a […]


You Really Don’t Want to Rent Here, Number-Crunchers Say

If the silver lining of the Philadelphia housing market is how affordable its homes for sale are, then the state of its rental housing market […]


Foreclosures Widen Wealth Gap in Philly, Zillow Study Finds

While the bursting of the housing bubble caused widespread pain, many homeowners have since recovered from the bust as house values in many U.S. metropolitan […]


Free Land in Francsiville for Builders Who Will Sell for Less

Philadelphia’s Land Bank is continuing its slow march to functionality. On Wednesday, the Land Bank released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for eight vacant properties […]


Clarke Wants $100 Million to Fund Housing Repairs

Council President Darrell Clarke will introduce legislation on Thursday to expand a variety of city programs aimed at housing repair and preservation. This would be paid for […]


Why Philly Has Become a Millennial Magnet

If you’ve been paying attention to the articles that have been popping up here of late, you may note a common theme running through several […]


Owning Is Even Cheaper Than Renting Now, Report Says

Affordable rowhomes in West Philadelphia. | Google Streetview It’s long been a truism that for comparable housing, owning is cheaper than renting if you can […]


WATCH: The Blumberg Towers Demolition This Weekend

Video | Philadelphia Housing Authority Now that two of the three Norman Blumberg Apartments towers have returned to the dust from whence they rose, with […]