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You Ask, 76ers Answer: 76 Place Design

The 76ers intend for the newly proposed arena, 76 Place at Market East, to be a catalyst for the revitalization of Market East — the once-thriving retail corridor in need of a rebound. The team recently announced new details of the arena’s design, including the addition of a residential tower that will bring more affordable housing to the area. The final design of 76 Place will be inspired by community feedback and best practices from all but a handful of NBA teams with downtown arenas. During recent information sessions, participants asked questions about arena design. The following are some of those questions and responses to provide clarity.

How will the arena incorporate community feedback?

The full design process has not begun yet (it will begin in 2024), so current renderings are meant to help the public conceptually visualize the arena and start a conversation where they can provide feedback. One major way the design changed from the original proposal was to raise the event floor one level. This change allowed for improvements in response to community feedback, including creating more retail on the first floor; creating multiple entry points to Jefferson Station; minimizing impact to the existing transit station; and creating a public promenade that allows for greater pedestrian flow and access to surrounding neighborhoods. Additionally, the development team heard many community concerns about residential affordability and committed to an additional private investment of $250 million to develop a mixed-income residential building that will sit atop 76 Place, with 20 percent of units dedicated to affordable housing.

How will the arena design promote public year-round activation?

The actual arena will sit one level above street level. This means that the street level will have a public promenade throughout the site, connecting Market and Cuthbert streets and 10th and 11th streets. Within that street level will be shops and restaurants for anyone to enjoy year-round – regardless of whether or not there is an event, just like many other blocks in Center City. Additionally, 76 Place will be designed from the “outside in” — the glass façade facing Market Street promotes a vibrant connection between the street and the inside of the building, much different from the concrete walls of the current mall. Finally, similar to other new sports arenas with mixed-use developments, by incorporating up to 395 new residential units – 20 percent of which will be affordable – the mixed-income housing will bring more people who will help activate the area and support neighborhood businesses year-round.

Will the arena be sustainably designed?

Overall, 76 Place will embody core principles of sustainability at all levels, including design, construction, operations, community impact and fan engagement. The design will incorporate sustainable carbon reduction strategies, balancing nature- and technology-driven solutions within the arena framework, including solar panels and green roof.

To learn more about 76 Place, visit 76place.com/.