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UberEATS Delivers Preview of The Best in Philly Wine + Food (Plus, Free Tickets to Wine Festival 2017!)

The only thing better than having a great drink with a meal from your favorite restaurant is not having to make a reservation, wait in lines, or even leave your house to enjoy it. In honor of Philadelphia magazine’s Wine Festival 2017, we teamed up with some of the city’s best chefs to bring you their favorite menu items to order in, along with the perfect drink pairings to uncork while you wait for your meal to arrive. All of these dishes are available through the UberEATS app and, with a few taps, you can get them delivered straight to your doorstep.

Plus, pinot-lovers can use the promo code “PHLWINEFEST” at checkout on orders placed between April 17th and 30th for a chance to win two tickets to Wine Festival 2017. Download the UberEATS app to order now and see more details on how to enter to win here.

When You Want Need Brunch in Bed

Nathalie Richan of Cafe LaMaude (available on UberEATS)

The dish: The Sweet Potato Benny is one of Richan’s favorite brunch dishes. The LaMaude favorite includes two poached eggs with spicy sujuk, sweet potato hash, diced mangos, onions and green peppers, topped with hollandaise and avocado.

Pair it with: This sweet and savory brunch combo goes great with a glass of crisp Rose.

Chef’s notes: Brunch isn’t just for mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. A crisp wine helps cut through some of the bolder flavors at breakfast.

When You Can’t Decide Between Something Savory or Sweet

Chef Phila of coZara (available on UberEATS)

The dish: Fat Pig Ramen is all you need. Pork belly, bacon fat, Japanese aromatics and a hardboiled egg make this a flavor combo you’ll never second-guess.  

Pair it with: Zama Sake, a rice wine that’s unique to Japan. Or, stay domestic with a crisp, yet fruity, Chardonnay.

Chef’s notes: The lightness [of sake or white wine] cuts through the braised fat but leaves enough saltiness that you’ll come back for more.

For Nights When Nachos Are Calling Your Name

Joe Mikitish of Distrito (available on UberEATS)

The dish: Super Nachos with chile-braised beef short rib.

Pair it with: Dress up your nachos by pairing with a classic red like Familia Montaña Tempranillo.

Chef’s notes: The wine’s fruity acidity helps cut through some of the delicious cheesy goodness of the nachos and makes for a great compliment to the short rib.

For Date Nights You’d Both Rather Spend Watching Netflix

Douglas Rodriguez, founding chef of Alma de Cuba (available on UberEATS)

The dish: Vaca Frita, a traditional Cuban dish of skirt steak braised in aromatic broth with garlic, cloves, bay leaves, coriander, and cumin. It’s seated in a hot pan with olive oil until a charred crust forms, then it’s topped with pickled red onions in lime juice.

Pair it with: Mouton Noir O.P.P., that’s ‘other people’s pinot’ in wine talk.

Chef’s notes: This Oregon Pinot Noir cherry and herbal notes pair well with spicy, ginger flavors. Check out more chef-recommend wine pairings with select dishes at Alma de Cuba’s Mouton Noir Wine Dinner on April 18th.

When You Want Pizza But No Regrets After Eating The Whole Pie

Steve Wildy, beverage director at Pizzeria Vetri (available on UberEATS)

The dish: Margherita Pizza

Pair it with: Cantine Federiciane Monteleone Penisola Sorrentina Gragnano

Sommelier’s notes: A margherita pizza with a Cantine Federiciane Monteleone Penisola Sorrentina Gragnano, a fizzy, Lambrusco-like red from Sorrento, right outside of renowned pizza mecca (Naples) strikes the right balance of sweet and tart. It pops like Champagne and pours with the hue and sheen of rich purple velvet.

For a complete list of restaurants available on UberEATS and to get started ordering, download the app or head to www.UberEATS.com. Winners of the UberEATS Wine and Dine contest will be announced May 2. For additional terms and conditions applicable to the Wine and Dine: Order to win tickets to Philadelphia magazine’s Wine Festival 2017 Sweepstakes click here.