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Find Your Dream Wedding Band—In 6 Short Questions

Photo credit: Getty Images

How many guests will you have?

A. Under 100

B. 100-150

C. 150-200

D. 200-250

E. 250+

Where will you host your reception?

A. A country club

B. A rustic farm, barn, or tent

C. An industrial warehouse or loft space

D. A historical landmark

E. A spacious ballroom

Which wedding detail are you prioritizing?

A. Cute and clever invites

B. Signature cocktails are a must-have

C. A fun photo booth

D. Flowers and greenery

E. Your wedding dress

How do you describe your wedding’s style?

A. Upbeat & Eccentric

B. Trendy & Charming

C. Refined & Eclectic

D. Classic & Elegant

E. Sophisticated & Glamorous

Your reception dinner will be…

A. A buffet

B. Family style dinner

C. Selection of food trucks

D. A combination of buffet and sit-down

E. A classic sit-down meal

The song guaranteed to get everyone on the dance floor at your reception is… 

A. Starships by Nicki Minaj

B. You May Be Right by Billy Joel

C. Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly

D. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

E. Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder

Mostly As

You definitely love to have fun and so do your guests, but you’ve been going back and forth between a band and a DJ. You want to make an entrance at the reception, and to get the party started with a large array of music. You need a DJ-Live combination to make your wedding a total hit! The DJ-Live starts with a DJ and Drummer, and you can add as many other musicians as you want… our favorite is the DJ, drummer, electric violinist, and saxophonist combination!

Mostly Bs

You know that your guests want a diverse mix of music, from the birth of rock & roll and classic soft rock to 90’s throwbacks and Top 40. A small band with a big sound like Verona, Sydney, or Love 77 is the perfect way to check all of your boxes. Sydney and Verona even have DJs in their bands for any special requests! Your guests are sure to have a night they’ll never forget.


Mostly Cs

The most important thing to you is FUN! You want your guests to rave about how unique and personalized your wedding was, and how they never stopped dancing! You need a band like Rio, Amsterdam, Imagine, or Pop Philly to pack the dance floor with every genre of music that your heart could desire.


Mostly Ds

You love all things vintage and retro, but you still love to stay current. A band with a great horn section, such as London Bridge, Milan 77, Paris, Monte Carlo, or Barcelona, is a surefire way to please the classic side of you, while still playing a huge range of music styles! These bands are known for taking their horn section onto the dance floor, and will keep your guests dancing all night.


Mostly Es

You want the best, because you deserve it! You definitely love to have fun and so do your guests, but you’re pretty traditional when it comes to weddings. You need a diverse and high-energy powerhouse band like L.A. Starz or Dreamtime. They’ve got you covered on everything from the Jackson 5 to Nicki Minaj and are guaranteed to make your night memorable.


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